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Kind Words & Stories

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and organizations over the course of my career. Here are a few kind words from past employers and clients have to say about our work togethger.

“As my event manager for almost 12 years, Paula Meyer was instrumental in the success of our seminars. My company runs large scale international workshops with more than 1500 attendees interfacing with more than 36 different countries.

Paula managed all the various elements with competence and accountability, helping me to create seamless, life-changing workshops for our community around the world. I’m grateful for her support in helping to create a strong, highly functional logistical foundation for our company.”

Dr Joe Dispenza - NY Times Bestselling Author
Such Great Care

"Paula Meyer, thank YOU! You all took care of us so well, more than any event I have ever been to. At every turn we were supported in so many big and little ways! Your staff was amazing!”

Beth A. - Seattle Retreat Participant

“Paula brings to her skillset extreme capabilities based on many years of working, researching, offering a hands on approach and above all a pragmatic and genuine desire for any event she is involved in to be successful for all parties involved.

She has an eye for detail and can ‘multi-task’ like no one I’ve ever worked with, with each ‘cell or section’ she is working on or with, being given her whole capacity. It’s a remarkable skill to witness.

Personally, Paula has a warm, caring, wise, observant nature, all deeply desirable when working with presenters, contractors, colleagues, and the general public.

She supports you by making you feel totally comfortable and of the understanding that your event will be well produced and well managed. An event produced by Paula Meyer, can be guaranteed professional, respectful, and successful.”

Chris Hooper – Owner, Chris Hooper Productions, Australia

Paula has an eye for detail and can multi-task
like no other...


“Paula Meyer was the driving force behind Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Encephalon team for nearly 12 years. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with her the entire time.

Paula has seen Dr. Joe’s enterprise grow from leading small groups locally to facilitating week-long events with thousands of attendees at exotic locations around the globe. Paula is a dynamic organizer. She accommodated these changes, learning and expanding as the opportunities did.

No challenge was too big or too small for her. She met them all without losing her humor and compassion. Paula’s hard work and dedication assisted in the transformation of thousands of individuals from all countries and all walks of life.

Truly, she has the know-how to accomplish big things and does so with a smile and single-mindedness of purpose. Any organization would be fortunate to work with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Karen Koebnick – Principal, Stellar Productions Live
Sedona, Arizona

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